Butterfly and Damper valves

AFT offers various products of its own production and by companies such as Gemu and WEY by Sistag in the field of industrial fittings for shut-off or flow control in working media systems. They are all of the highest quality, made of the best materials and comply with all applicable standards. In addition to the offer presented below, we also have other types of dampers, often in special versions for difficult conditions, such as high temperatures or highly abrasive media for industrial, gas, sewage, fire and water systems.


Industrial damper belongs to a group of shut-off valves that are used for many industries, including professional energy, heating, chemical plants, biogas systems, waste incineration plants and steel mills.  It can work in a regulatory mode, with remote or automated control.

The offered industrial damper will prove itself in all applications. Our consultants will help you choose the right one that meets your expectations and needs, and our reliable design team will carry out design work based on years of experience and the implementation of over 5000 different projects.

The company’s offer will include a wide range of dampers, depending on the needs. The most popular are:

  • AFT-DV round damper valve designed to cut off or control the medium. We also offer a damper variant for between flanges installation, marked as AFT-DVH.
  • AFT-LDV rectangular damper designed to cut off or control the medium, often called the louvre damper. The above dampers are made with different types of seals ensuring tightness close to 99.9%.
  • AFT-DV-T and AFT-LDV-T industrial exhaust gas damper with an air curtain. It has double discs/blades (tandem) that ensure 100% tightness when cutting off the medium. Our offer includes special sealing air systems needed for operation. The industrial damper is mainly used in flue gas cleaning plants, for example for FGD (flue gas desulphurisation), denitrification or dust removal (e.g. in bag filters or electrostatic precipitators), thermal waste treatment, biomass combustion, in smelters, wood processing factories, paper, chemistry and broadly understood heavy industry.
  • AFT-GDV guillotine damper valves are used to cut off the flow of gases and exhaust gases as well as bulk materials. They are equipped with various types of drives, such as pneumatic, electric or manual. The offered, so called knife valves, can also be made for potentially explosive areas in the ATEX design. Our constructions are distinguished by very good quality of design allowing for work at high temperatures and for large dimensions.
  • AFT-DVR diverter valve, i.e. a large, three-way valve. Its connections match the cross section and size of the inlet or outlet flue gas duct. It is a set of two shut-off blades, having one drive in a common body. Diverters are used to change the direction of flow of gases (e.g. air or exhaust) at high temperature, which are emitted by gas turbines or stationary engines to a heat exchanger or through the chimney to the atmosphere. They are used in cogeneration and trigeneration systems. They have many types of seals, so they are suitable for use in various conditions and systems. Their quality is a priority, because thanks to this the device will work flawlessly and fulfil its role.


Smoke extraction systems are an indispensable equipment. Louvre dampers are one of the best devices of this type. They are used to control (control dampers) or shut-off (shut-off dampers) the flow. They are produced to meet the highest European norms and standards. The company offers different models, depending on the customer’s needs.

Louvre dampers are used both for smoke extraction (smoke exhaust damper) in order to supply fresh air and for ventilation of rooms (ventilation damper). The rectangular louver damper are used for air or gas ducts. They are mounted in external walls, on façades. For operation they need special control devices that are built on the damper valve.

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