GEMÜ valves and CERA SYSTEM ceramic valves perfect in all conditions

AFT offers its customers various types of valves, only by proven companies (Gemu and Cera System), meeting the highest standards and adapted to all requirements and to every industry. It is known that valves are needed everywhere, in every industry, also where media are very abrasive.


Gemu’s products are used in every industry, from simple applications where all you need is the ability to close/open the medium flow, to very complex processes that require specialized design or adjustments.

In the Gemu range, we can distinguish a diaphragm valve that sets new standards in this field, especially when it comes to solutions for sterile applications.

Diaphragm valves are available in various body configurations: pass-through (2/2-way body), sub-tank (tank bottom valves), T-Block (T-Body valves ) and M-Block (Multi port body valves). They are available in (with) several versions of membrane materials such as EPDM, PTFE/EPDM or NBR.

The Gemu range also includes products such as mushroom (globe) valves, ball valves, dampers (butterfly valves?), solenoid valves and pilot solenoid valves. All of the above valves are available in (with) various drive options (actuators) — manual, pneumatic or electric (motorized), while body designs are available in various materials, including stainless steel, cast iron, brass or plastic.

Gemu also offers a wide range of position indicators, positioners and flow meters for liquids and gases.

Thanks to a modular design system and a wide offer for retrofitting valves, which allow them to connect into an efficiently working whole, Gemu is able to create a huge number of configurations of given valve types and offer non-standard, customized products according to customer needs.

The main areas of application of Gemu products are industries such as: pharmacy, biotechnology, cosmetics, as well as food and processing.


CERA SYSTEM valves meeting the highest standards and adapted to all requirements and to every industry are used wherever the media is very abrasive.

Ceramic ball valve — can be used as a shut-off or control valve. Due to the used materials and construction, these are valves resistant to abrasion and are used in flue gas desulphurization facilities, soda production, ash removal, etc. Ceramic valves are used with pneumatic or electric drive, in the case of cutting off the flow, also manually. Ceramic ball valves are irreplaceable when you need to regulate the flow of suspensions with abrasive solids content. As drives for these valves pneumatic or electric actuators are equipped with positioners are used.

Ceramic spool valve  — It controls or cuts off and therefore controls the flow of liquids or other substances. It is distinguished by a characteristic closure in the form of three or four ceramic plates that have appropriate holes and control or cut off the flow. The advantage of such a ceramic valve is the lack of soft seals that could be damaged by the abrasive medium, here the principle of the seal is to perfectly match the sliding ceramic plates. Ceramic spool valves are often used to dispense abrasive substances and are especially used where relatively low flows are required. The valves of this design have no dead spaces.

Metal ball valves  — for cutting off the flow of highly abrasive media, e.g. pneumatic ash transport. The ball and seats are made of through-hardened metal. The valve stem is made in such a way that if the ball is blocked by a medium, a properly selected pneumatic drive with excess will be able to use its maximum torque and rotate the ball.

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