Knife Gate Valves

AFT offers its customers various types of valves by AFT and other proven companies such as Wey by Sistag and Cera System, meeting the highest standards and adapted to all requirements and for every industry.

Knife gate valves are used to cut off (as a shut-of valve) or control the flow of: contaminated media, deposits, sludges, granules, bulk materials, abrasive materials or other high-density media.  Knife gate valves are very widely used in many industries.

Our offer also includes wall and channel gates needed in all industries in which it is necessary to control liquid flow or retain liquid medium. In these applications they are necessary, and those made of good quality materials guarantee long and trouble-free operation.

Due to their uncompromising quality and almost maintenance-free operation for many years, knife gate valves (in the characteristic red colour, with a lip seal) and channel gates have found widespread use throughout Poland.


Knife gate valves are made with the highest production standards in mind and combine a solid construction with experience, ensure long-term trouble-free operation even in the most difficult process conditions. The applied solutions ensure 100% two-sided tightness in the entire diameter range, as well as a number of solutions to prevent wedging and blocking of the gate knife.  A knife gate valve is most often used in waterworks, sewage treatment plants and pumping stations, drainage facilities, transfer stations and biomass plants. It is also used in the food, chemical, paper, metallurgical industries, etc. They meet all Polish and European quality standards.  The offered knife gate valves are made of the best materials, which ensures their durability, strength and safe operation.

Cera System gate valves known as ceramic spool valves are often used to dispense abrasive substances and are used especially where relatively low flow rates are required. The valves of this design have no dead spaces

Ceramic spool valve  controls or cuts off and therefore controls the flow of liquids or other substances. It is distinguished by a characteristic closure in the form of three or four ceramic plates that have appropriate holes and control or cut off the flow. The advantage of such a ceramic valve is the lack of soft seals that could be damaged by the abrasive medium, here the principle of the seal is to perfectly match the sliding ceramic plates.


A gate is used to partially or completely cut off (retain) liquid medium (e.g. water, sewage, etc.) and to control liquid flow. For this reason, it is most often used in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, as well as in various storm water drainage systems. Its installation is not a difficult task. The valves are made of stainless steel and provide long, trouble-free use, compact construction and minimized leakage.

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