PROTEGO — Safety without compromise

Excellence in safety and environmental protection is the main mission of Protego. AFT fully shares it, which is why the company’s devices are also in our portfolio.

Protego is involved in the engineering of flame arresters, relief and breathing valves, and equipment for fuel and petroleum storage tanks. It works, among others, for the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and bioenergy industries, and is a global technology leader in this area.


The company specializes in the production of pressure-vacuum relief valves, various types of flame arresters, as well as tank equipment for plants producing, processing, storing and transporting flammable substances, creating explosive atmospheres and also non-flammable substances.  All devices are of the highest standard and quality. Protego all the time also place importance on development. Thanks to appropriate flame arresters and other devices, many failures or disasters can be prevented.

All products meet the requirements of EN, ISO or European Union ATEX Directives, which define the basic requirements that must be met by products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and require Protego to have vast knowledge, diligence and experience. At the same time, with very high requirements for the tightness of the valves, the company pays attention to explosion protection as well as safety and environmental protection.

In the event that standard products cannot be selected, Protego will try to adapt them to special requirements, depending on customer expectations.


AFT offers many Protego products. Some of them are:

  • Tank equipment, including breathing or relief valves, aviation fuel floating suction systems, floating roof drainage systems, cryogenic and nitrogen reduction valves
  • Bi-directional or single directional flame arresters, with very low pressure drop, very easy to maintain and clean, available in a version for deflagration, detonation, endurance or short time  combustion proof , special versions certified for ethylene oxide or carbon disulphide, versions for styrene, for ethanol, etc.
  • Pressure and vacuum relief valves for tank hermetisation, with increased tightness, with or without flame arresters, also lined inside with ECTFE (corrosion resistant ), frost-resistant.

Protego products are useful in many industries, e.g. energy, chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, fuels, petrochemistry, food, paper and other industries

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