STRIKO Static Mixers

Static mixers are widely used in the industry, in particular in the chemical, petrochemical, food and even water area. Devices of this type are necessary, used in mixing, dispersion, emulsification, reaction and heat exchange.


Static mixers are devices that change the natural fluid flow in the pipe to ensure continuous mixing. Due to the right design, static mixers are almost maintenance-free, they also have no moving parts, making them virtually trouble-free. In addition, they do not need external power sources, nor do they produce any heat or noise.

Static mixers can be used for any liquids, fluids, gases or suspensions, also in selected combinations, e.g. mixing water with air (water aeration), and even when necessary to mix substances such as: liquid and gas, gas and gas, liquid and liquid.

It is worth noting that static mixers are extremely energy efficient. Those made of good quality materials and using the right technology have such a low flow resistance that they practically do not generate energy losses while ensuring mixing efficiency of 97–99%.


To achieve the right mixing range, different effects are used. These are: division and rotation of the flow, change of direction, vortex generation as well as stretching and shearing of fluids.

For example, static mixers, which are used for water treatment, they are used for proper, accurate and even dosing of chemicals to pipelines so as to disinfect and treat water.

They are used in various branches of the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. They are used primarily for mixing various products, homogenization, dosing …

They are also used in water treatment. They are used primarily for aerating water, dosing chemicals, correcting PH, diluting polyelectrolyte.


STRIKO Static mixers are characterized by excellent quality design. They are costs-efficient, and do not require electric power. Thus, they do not generate additional operating costs. It is worth emphasizing that thanks to the appropriate construction they can work for many days without stopping. They do not need additional inspections.

Static mixer can be selected individually. AFT will provide the right solution depending on customer needs. Everything depends on the material (they can be metals or plastics), diameter, type of mixing elements and application. They are intended for mixing liquids, regardless of their viscosity. They are made with attention to detail, subjected to appropriate tests, proven and effective.

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