STRIKO Bursting discs are one of the best protection

Bursting discs are technologically advanced devices necessary in various industries and processing. Each of these industries may suffer a malfunction resulting in excessive pressure. The task of the discs is to protect devices and systems against failure or damage. In addition, the disks are an excellent alternative to safety valves and — very importantly — they are easy to install.


Bursting discs,  available  as convex, concave or flat  discs, are pressure protection and pressure relief devices. They protect systems against rapid pressure changes. Thus, they play a similar role to safety valves. Although they should be replaced after operation, they are also much cheaper due to the much simpler construction.

The discs are designed to resist changing pressure and open when the specified value is exceeded, enabling safe flow. The complete units consist of the disc, i.e. a pressure-retaining and pressure sensitive element, and a housing unit (holder). Although they play the same role, they differ from each other due to:

  • size (diameter range),
  • shape,
  • material,
  • range of pressures used,
  • range of admissible temperatures,
  • technological solutions.

We have discs that have undergone a laser cutting process to give them a designed breaking scenario. They have a special incision so that the crack occurs in a certain way. These types of notched plates are used for both liquids and gases.


There are many models of discs made of various metal and non-metal materials. Bursting discs are used wherever it is necessary to protect devices, e.g. in the processing, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, gas, etc. industries.

Bursting discs are intended to protect against excessive overpressure or underpressure in pressure equipment, e.g. pressure vessels, pipelines, reactors or other closed pressure systems. They have been designed in such a way as to break, open and drop the overpressure or underpressure at a given pressure difference. In this way they protect personnel, facility and the environment. After opening, the plates must be replaced.

All discs must meet applicable safety requirements and standards. Their use also allows to obtain real-time information about the occurrence of any critical conditions. Some are equipped with special bursting sensors and connected to the local control system. When the the disc opens, it generates a signal that is received at the control system.

AFT team will select discs and will also find a solution for each installation to ensure safety. The highest quality, all required standards and attention to every detail is the basis!

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