Modern and reliable centrifugal pumps

Industrial, chemical or process centrifugal pumps are needed in virtually all industries. AFT offers the best and most modern pumps of each type, adapted to the requirements of specific industries by companies such as DICKOW PUMPEN, GEKO PUMPEN.


An industrial centrifugal pump is a device that is used to pump various liquids. Pumps are used in virtually every industry, including: chemical, petrochemical (including fuel handling), paper, food, pharmaceutical, heating oil installations, liquid petroleum gas, sewage treatment plants, etc.

The main applications of chemical pumps include: pumping process liquid, boosting pressure, supplying, distributing, pumping various media, treating wastewater and gas, cooling,


AFT offers various types of DICKOW PUMPEN chemical centrifugal pumps — hermetic with a magnetic coupling or with a mechanical seal, tailored to customer and industry expectations. They are of the highest quality and have a design adapted to specific requirements. They meet all required directives, including those applicable to work in explosive atmospheres. Many years of experience with various industries and knowledge about their needs allow to adapt the pumps to the needs of customers, depending on the needs of a given application, e.g. pressure, temperature, performance, resistance to chemical substances or viscosity of the medium.

AFT also offers GEKO chemical pumps, which are used in the chemical and food industry in both process and auxiliary systems.  The company’s offer includes pumps with a volute casing and side channel pumps. Pumps are used to pump media such as hydrochloric acid, monochloracetic acid, sodium hypochlorite, sulfuric acid and others.

GEKO magnetic pumps can be offered in an FDA-compliant version, i.e. for the pharmaceutical and food industries.


Centrifugal pumps are designed depending on the requirements of specific industries.

The most important features of the offered pumps are: reliability, efficiency, safety, no leakage and durability.

Magnetic pump — also known as a hermetic pump, has a magnetic coupling that is responsible for power transmission and consists of magnets placed on the internal and external rotors. Thanks to this, the motor shaft has no mechanical connection with the pump shaft, which prevents any leakage, contamination or failure.

A magnetic pumps is used wherever safety and reliability of installation operation is required, i.e. for all flammable,   corrosive, toxic and environmentally harmful fluids.

Screw pump — the liquid is transported in it by turning the screw. It has no valves. It is used in almost all branches of industry to transport a variety of materials:  chemicals, sludge, glue, petroleum, and even fibrous materials. The screw pump is extremely durable, resistant and quiet.

Centrifugal pumps — in this type of pumps, the impeller increases the angular momentum of the liquid, causing suction. They are divided into volute casing  and circulation (self-priming) pumps. They have either a mechanical shaft seal or a magnetic coupling or  have high performance, durability and self-regulating ability. Due to the high speed, they do not have to be large.

Food pumps — they must first of all be sterile and have a solid construction. They are mainly used in the food, dairy and fruit and vegetable processing industries; although they are also used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and brewing industries. Pumps of this type are required wherever hygienic design is needed. For this reason, they must be made of materials approved for contact with food.

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