Safe and durable STRAUB pipe couplings

A clamp pipe joint is an extremely important element that should be of the highest quality to ensure safety in the highest standard. AFT ensures that the offered pipe joints are perfect, easy to install and use, and safe at every stage.


There are two basic configurations of STRAUB pipe couplings:

GRIP joints — with axial restraint and

FLEX joints — without axial restraint. They are available in several versions of seals — EPDM, NBR or FPM.

Joints can also be divided due to their purpose, namely: joints for joining metal pipes, joints for joining various types of pipes, joints intended for repairing failures in pipelines, joints for joining pipes of various diameters.


Pipe couplings have various applications.  They are used both to connect pipes and to repair them. To ensure work safety and proper functioning of pipelines, they must meet the highest standards. They are used in many industries — everywhere where there are piping installations, e.g. in water supply systems, drinking water treatment plants, solar and water power plants, for devices connected with renewable energy, in transport, industry, etc.


The most important benefits of STRAUB couplings include:

  • can be used in all types of pipe connections
  • joining pipes made of identical or different materials pipes (pipe joints)
  • the possibility of connecting pipes with different wall thickness values
  • compensation of linear elongations and angular deviations
  • absolute tightness — connections with liquid, gaseous media and in the case of loose substances
  • the possibility of quick and reliable repair of damage during pipeline operation (repair pipe clamp)
  • quick and easy assembly without the use of specialized tools

The offered pipe joints are of the highest quality and ensure full operational safety.

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