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We kindly invite you to visit us!
Bełchatów, Hotel Sport, Booth number 5.

During the symposium at our booth will be present:
05.-06.09.2016   Piotr Bera
                              Sebastian Moryksiewicz
                              Adam Kukla
                              Włodzimierz Piąstka
05.09.2016          Krzysztof Lampart
                              Paweł Napora
                              Marek Burdyk
                              Maciej Kubica
06.09.2016          Andrzej Lewandowski
                              Tomasz Łączny

With great pleasure we would like to invite you to the XVIII scientific-technical symposium ENERGETYKA BEŁCHATÓW 2016.

It is one of many important events dedicated to the energy industry, therefore AFT Sp. z o.o. among numerous exhibitors cannot be missing.

AFT will present its production offer of damper valves and show references of worldwide deliveries to installations such as flue gas desulphurization, NOx emission reduction and wastte incineration.

+48 61 820 51 45
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