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Production program

Domestic Sales:

Mateusz Mizgalski
+48 664 440 794

International Sales:

Bartosz Chmara
+48 662 124 491
We are a manufacturer of damper valves, special fittings and diverter valves for many industries including power plants, heating, chemical plants, biogas plants, garbage incinerators, etc. We offer design and manufacturing of the products for shutting off and / or regulating the flow of exhaust gases (produced in burning of coal, natural gas or a combination these fuels), and hot / cold air. We also tailor our products for specific conditions like high temperatures and contact with aggressive media.

We have produced reliable air protection and emission control products, consistently for over 10 years. We have taken advantage of EU grants to constantly improve our research and development department, offer consistent quality of our products, and meet the expectations of the dynamic market. We treat every investment with special care and attention to provide it with optimal solutions, meet the design requirements and ensure the installation`s trouble-free operation for years.

We have supplied devices for fumes desulfurization, NOx emission reduction, waste incineration, combustion of biomass, bag filters and electrostatic precipitators. We offer a range of complementary services such as: design consultancy, installation supervision, commissioning, service.

Our production plant delivers products for domestic and foreign customers built with the latest technologies available on the market, and the knowledge of experienced engineering staff. The company complies with ISO-9001, and also holds DIN EN ISO 3834-2 welding certification.


Exhaust and air ducts damper valves
Damper valve with seal air system
Diverters - three-way valves
Control valves
+48 61 820 51 45
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