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We offer a wide selection of valves and pumps for the modern installations. We are the exclusive distributor in Poland of many established and respected European brands. Our contractors are selected by the quality of their solutions, philosophy of deployments, post-purchase approach, and their care of the environment. Our solutions are delivered based on the original design implementation program and professional advice. Our service facilities allow us to comprehensively respond to even the most sophisticated needs of our clients. Our confidence in the quality of our services is reflected in the level of warranty services.

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CERA SYSTEM GmbH is a leading manufacturer of technical ceramics.

The company offers ball valves, gate valves, caramic pipe fittings, ceramic nozzles, static mixers and other ceramic components which are useful for handling abrasive and corrosive media, and high temperatures.

Among the materials used are alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, silicon nitride. Standard valves and fittings support temperatures of the medium up to either 300°C, or 850°C for special versions. Ceramic valves are gas-tight in closed positions, and optionally meet the TA-Luft requirements.

CERA SYSTEM products are used in fumes desulphurization installations, transport of contaminated acids, manufacturing installations for soda, titanium dioxide, gypsum, installations with hot hydrochloric acid, casting of light metals and more.
DICKOW PUMPEN KG specializes in the production of centrifugal pumps for industrial applications in chemical, petrochemical industries and fuel handling including heating oil, liquefied gas, LPG installations and others.

The company offers spiral casing pumps, side channel and multi-stage centrifugal pumps. The pumps are available in two versions: with mechanical seal and magnetic coupling. Pumps with magnetic clutch, also called sealless or hermetic pumps, are used where safety and reliability of the installation is particularly important, i.e. for flammable, corrosive, toxic and environmentally harmful liquids. DICKOW pumps, depending on the implementation, can handle media temperatures ranging from -120°C to 400°C, working pressures of up to 100 bar and flow rates in the range of 2 to 1200 m3/h.
GEMÜ is a leading manufacturer of diaphragm valves, actuators and control systems, and offers a variety of drives and associated accessories. GEMÜ products are used in the most demanding industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics, electrical engineering, and in municipal utilities management including water treatment plants, sewage treatment, air protection, etc.
OHL Gutermuth is a manufacturer of throttle valves and valves with metal on metal sealing for the petrochemical, metallurgy, energy and shipbuilding industries.

OHL products are used in high-performance installations and provide reliable and secure closing, opening or adjusting of the flow. The valves are available with manual, pneumatic, hydraulic versions and electric actuators for both close-open, and regulated versions of the products.
PROTEGO is a producer of flame arresters, pressure-reducing and vacuum valves, and other equipment for manufacturing plants which produce, process, store or transport flammable and explosive substances.

PROTEGO products meet ATEX directives, EN and ISO guidelines, and comply with USCG American standards.

For the manufacturer, meeting ATEX and other directives for the client, requires special skill and careful selection of the right components. The AFT team has extensive experience in correct interpretation of the ATEX directive. We offer training, technical consultation and provide comprehensive services.
SEEPEX is a leading screw pump manufacturer for handling media with a high content of technological solids or contamination. Such media are common in environmental protection installations like sewage treatment plants, chemical, paper, food, petrochemical and other production plants.

AFT offers a wide range of technical services including design consultancy, product selection, quotation and delivery. We also, with a professional team of service technicians and spare parts warehouse located in Poznan, provide comprehensive warranty and non-warranty services.
STRAUB is a manufacturer of universal wafer-type pipe coupling system. The system is simple to use and offers maximum security up to global standards.

Straub pipe coupling system offers a range of advantages:
  • compatibility with all pipe coupling systems
  • coupling pipes of the same or different material
  • coupling pipes of various wall thickness
  • compensation of linear extension and shape variation
  • superb tightness for liquid, gaseous fuels and loose solids
  • repairs can be carried out quickly and confidently without interrupting the operation of the pipework
  • Fast and easy installation without special tools.
STRIKO Verfahrenstechnik is a manufacturer of rupture discs, static mixers and heat exchangers for viscous media and demisters. These products are widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industry as well as in ventilating systems. In addition to their standard products STRIKO delivers customised solutions as well.

Available materials are stainless steels, graphite, special alloys, titanium, plastics. Nominal diameter range are from DN1 to DN4000, rated pressures from 20 mbar to hundreds of bar.

STRIKO makes necessary calculations during sizing of their products ensuring their excellent performance in production plants.
SISTAG Absperrtechnik manufactures knife gates and water control gates.

WEY knife gate valves are used to shut off or regulate the flow of media with contaminated sediments, sludges, granules, bulk materials, abrasive or other media with high density.

WEY control gates are designed to shut off and control flow of water and wastewater in collecting and retention basins as well as channel and pit constructions. The products are made of lightweight but reliable materials. The products are available as an overflow valves with bottom control piece. The production program includes closing segments, hydrostatic valves, swing valves and stop logs.

Thanks to their uncompromising quality and long-lasting reliability, the company`s knife gate valves (in the characteristic red color) and canal valves are widely used throughout the country.
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